Controller – CTR-01 (E 13 777 02)

Relay actuator for switching loads up to 16 ampere. CTR- 01 also has outputs for controlling third-party products with 0-10V or 1-10V such as LED drivers. Includes all of the benefits of our wireless lighting system and communicates through Bluetooth to other Plejd products as well as your Smartphone or tablet. All configuration is comfortably done through the App.

CTR-01 can be installed in any appliance box and is compatible with most switches and wall sockets on the market. CTR-01 can also be fixed on a wall or mounted on a DIN rail with the clever mounting clip (E 13 777 90, sold seperatly)


Wireless control via mesh network

Output for pure relay switching

Control output for 0-10 V or 1-10 V with or without relay

Scheduling, including astronomical clock and timer

Scenarios from mobile phone, tablet or pushbutton.

Can be wirelessly synced to other Plejd products

The Plejd App

Unlock a new world of wireless lighting with The Plejd App

The App
Halogen (230V)/Incandescent 3500 W
LED loads 800 W
Fluorescent tube uncompensated 2300 VA
Fluorescent tube compensated 1750 VA
Low-voltage halogen electronic 1500 W
Low-voltage halogen conventional 1200 W
Low-energy lamps 800 VA
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