Smart lighting for everyone

Traditional lighting goes smart

Plejd’s dimmer products provide smart lighting in your home.

The products are installed by a certified electrician, but requires no big renovation of your home to start controlling your first room. All you need is a Plejd product that is easily installed, for example behind your light switch. You can easily control your lighting either from the Plejd app or as usual from the light switch.

App control

The app is a complement to your traditional light switch. It works as a simple tool to configure and control the lighting in your home.


Create lighting that suits you in every moment, and control it from the light switch, the app, or at a predetermined time.


All our products have built-in astronomical clock and weekly timer. This gives you possibilities to schedule the lighting just the way you want it. For example, it follows sunrise and sunset.

Wireless sync

Thanks to wireless sync you do not need to spend time or money to pull cables that ruins your walls or ceiling. Plejd’s products communicate wirelessly with each other, meaning that some cables can be replaced with wireless sync.

Mesh network

Robust and secure.

Plejd’s products build a mesh network with Bluetooth®. All Plejd units are communicating wirelessly with each other. This creates a stable network with long range.

The more the merrier

Start small and build up your system over time.

No need to commit to an entire system at once, all our products provide great value on their own. But the fun really starts when you add more rooms.

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