Wireless push button

Wireless push button that allows wireless control of one or more products from Plejd. You can easily make all the settings needed directly in the app. Choose between single or double rocker switches for Schneider Exxact or Elko RS/Plus. Used for direct control, multiway and/or to control scenarios. Estimated battery life up to 200,000 clicks or 15 years.

Flexible installation

Place the light switch exactly where you want it! Our wireless push button is easily placed in any location with double-sided tape or mounted in a frame together with a standard light switch.

Multiple variants

Plejd’s wireless push button is available in several colors and variants to fit most standard frames on the market. Choose from different variants for Schneider Exxact or Elko RS/Plus.

button color2

Technical details

Model name



Schneider Exxact white (WPH-01-SW): SNRO 26 189 06

Elko RS/Plus white (WPH-01-EW): SNRO 26 189 07

Product sheet