Battery Backup

BAT-01 (E 13 777 32)

The battery backup adapter, BAT-01, is used to keep the clock powered during power outage in the Plejd system. It preserves the astronomic and time related functions. The adapter is attached as an accessory to any of Plejd’s products for installation in appliance boxes. Only one battery backup is needed in one Plejd system, given that the products have sufficient wireless range within the mesh. Backup time: 10 years.

Rotary Adapter

RTR-01 (E 13 777 31)

Plejd’s rotary adapter, RTR-01, provides rotary function for any of Plejd’s products for installation in appliance boxes. The rotary adapter snaps onto any product in Plejd’s product range and the dimmer products keep the same features as previously. A flush mounted product with rotary adapter can synchronise with all types of control. This means that you can choose freely between a variety of rotary dimmers or light switches for control of the same light fixture, or group of wirelessly synchronised light fixtures. 

Mounting Clip

Monteringsclips MNT-01 (E 13 777 90)

Our smart mounting clip, MNT-01, is used for mounting Plejd’s products to your DIN rail or to wall.