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Our product range

With our comprehensive range of lighting control, we offer products for most purposes. Starting with the first product installed, you will benefit from straightforward settings and light design. As you add more Plejd products, you will experience additional advantages compared to a traditional installation. With our wireless and robust mesh technology, it's as easy to start small and expand your system over time as it is to install a large system in your entire home or business from the start.

Upcoming! DWN 01 tilted white RGB v1


Downlight Tilt is a smart tunable downlight that can be angled sideways and has a built-in dimmer.

Upcoming! DWN 02 white RGB v1


Downlight Deep is a smart tunable downlight with a built-in dimmer.

Upcoming! LST 01 perspective RGB v1


Tunable and dimmable LED Strip made for use with LED-75.

Upcoming! OUT 01 W perspective RGB v2


Wall luminaire with built-in LED and adjustable color temperature for outdoor use.


Dimmer LED is a universal dimmer for loads up to 300VA.


2-channel dimmer LED is a universal dimmer with output for two different loads.


Relay 16A is a relay with the option of 1- or 2-pole breaking.


2-channel relay with two relays to break two separate loads up to 16A total.


Dimmer 1–10V is used for relay breaking or to control third-party products with 1–10V interface.


DALI Broadcast is used for control of drivers and lights via the DALI bus.


LED Driver 10W with built-in dimmer function for one or more LED luminaires up to 10W.

plejd product image LED 75 RGB 01


LED Driver with built-in dimmer for 12/24VDC LED-strips with up to 75W load.


Smart plug on/off with relay switching for 16A loads.

plejd product image EXT 01 RGB


Extender is used to increase the range of the Plejd mesh.


Gateway enables remote control via the internet and integrations.

plejd product image WPH 01 AW RGB


Wireless push button that enables wireless control of Plejd products.


Battery backup maintains time functions in the event of a power outage.


Mounting clip to mount Plejd pucks on a DIN rail or a wall.


Mounting box for Plejd pucks.