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Frequently asked questions

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What is a widget, and what does it do?

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A widget is a system function that provides you with a quick way to trigger Plejd scenes without going into the app. This function requires you to have a Gateway installed on the system you want use to start scenes.

How do I setup the widget on iOS?

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1. From your home screen, swipe left to go to the widget screen.
2. Scroll down to the bottom and click on Edit.
3. Scroll down to the bottom and click on Customise.
4. Find Plejd in the list and click on the plus sign.
5. Click on Done.
6. The widget is now present on your widget screen. You can click on "Customize in Plejd" to choose which scenes you want to have in the widget.

Can I move the widget to my home screen for easier access on iOS?

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No. Apple does not allow widgets with buttons on the home screen at this moment.

How do I setup the widget on Android?

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1. Press and hold anywhere on your Home screen.
2. Choose Widgets.
3. Find Plejd in the list and choose “Plejd 1 x 1”.
4. Drag the widget out of the list and release it on your Home Screen. This will also start the app.
5. When the app has started, choose the scene you want the widget to trigger.
6. You may also choose a color for the widget using the button "Choose color" at the top.
7. Click on Done in the upper left corner.

How do I change which scene my widget controls on Android?

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To change which scene your widget controls you must delete the widget and create a new one.

Google Home
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Why should I connect my system to Google Home?

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By connecting your system to Google Home, you can activate voice controls and use google assistant devices to control your lighting system.

What do I need to use Google Home?

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In addition to your Plejd pucks and the Google Home app, you will need a Plejd Gateway to get started. You get the best experience if you also buy a google assistant compatible speaker so that you can use voice commands.

How do I get started with Google Home?

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To get started, download the “Google Home” app.
  1. Select “+” on the top left corner, select “Set up device” and then select the option under “Works with Google”.
  2. Find “Plejd” with the search function in the upper right corner.
  3. Log in with your Plejd account and continue to follow the instructions on how to add your lights

What commands can I use to control my lighting with Google Home?

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Here are some of the commands you can use:

Ok Google, switch on all the lights.
Ok Google, switch off all the lights.
Hey Google, light up the living room.
Hey Google, turn on the window lamp.
Ok Google, switch off the kitchen light.
Ok Google, dim the kitchen light.
Ok Google, dim the living room light to 50%.
Hey Google, increase the brightness of the kitchen light to 75%.
Hey Google, activate Film Night. (Assuming you have a scene with this name)
Ok Google, what lights are on in the children’s room?


The Plejd app
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I forgot my password, how do I reset it?

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In order to reset your password, make sure you are logged out.
  1. Open the Plejd App and click the icon in the top left corner.
  2. Click on the grey cog wheel in the top left corner to access your account settings.
  3. Click the “Log out” button in the bottom.
Once you are logged out:
  1. Click “Log in” and then “Forgot password?”
  2. Type in your e-mail address and click “Reset password”.
Then check your e-mail inbox. You will receive an e-mail from us that contains a link where you can set a new password for your account.

The light source keeps dimming by itself when I release the light switch. It works fine with the Plejd App. Why does this happen?

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This is most likely due to an incorrect installation of the light switch. The spring in the light switch is probably placed on the wrong side. Please contact your electrician to fix it.

Do all devices have the Astro Timer function?

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Yes, all our devices have the Astro Timer function. You can create a new Astro Timer in the app, under Scheduling.

Why does my light source not turn on when it starts on the lowest dim level?

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The lowest dim level set on your device might not be high enough to turn on the light.
  1. Open the Plejd App and click on the blue cogwheel in the top right corner.
  2. Choose “Load settings” then select the light source.
  3. Select “Dim Start” to adjust the lowest dim level.
  4. Press “+” until your light turns on, the settings will be saved automatically.

Why do my lights not turn completely off when I turn them off?

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The spring in the light switch is probably placed on the wrong side. Some light sources need a surge protection installed to turn off completely. Connect the surge protection parallel to the light.

Can I use the wireless button WPH-01 as a “bridge” in my network to increase its reach?

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The wireless button can not be used to increase your network reach since it is not part of the mesh network.

How do I access the timer function?

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Click on the cogwheel in the top right of the homescreen and go to load setting. Select the device you want to control with the timer. Go to load type and select "Relay other". You can now configure your timer. Please note: Only SPR-01, CTR-01, REL-01-2P and REL-02 support the timer function.

How do I install the Android app if I don't have access to Google Play?

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You need to install the app manually with the app's APK file located here

To install the app manually, you might need to enable sideloading of apps on your Android device. Please check with the manufacturer of your device regarding how to do this.

Why does my device have such a short range of connection?

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Keep in mind that metal and glass greatly reduce the range of your devices if they are placed in or on any of those materials.

How does the Vacation Mode work?

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When activated, you choose which lights should be included. Vacation Mode then automatically and regularly adjusts the lighting in your home while you’re away. When the sun is up, Vacation Mode is mostly inactive. In the winter, it starts 1 hour before sunset, and in summer it starts at the latest around 6 in the evening.

The dim levels change over the course of the evening, to give an illusion of movement. Overnight, a few light sources are kept on at the lowest dim level. Vacation Mode requires that a Gateway is installed on the system.

Why doesn’t the motion sensor turn on when I enter the room after turning it off manually?

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If you turn it off manually via switch or app, it takes 45 seconds before the motion sensor starts detecting movements again.

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Explanation of GWY-01 indication light

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Flashing turquoise light
When GWY-01 flashes turquoise, it means it has not been installed.

Solid yellow light
When GWY-01 has a solid yellow light, it means that it is installed, but that it currently has no connection to Plejd's cloud. See the app for troubleshooting to identify which link in the chain is failing. Note that it is normal for internet-connected products to sometimes lose connection and that this can depend on everything from the product itself to the network infrastructure to which it is connected.

Solid turquoise light
When GWY-01 has a solid turquoise light, it means that it is installed and has a connection to Plejd's cloud.

Solid green light
GWY-01 has a solid green light while it is starting up. If the light stays solid green for a longer time (more than 1 minute), it means that it is no longer working.

Startup sequence
When GWY-01 starts up, it will first have a solid green light for a while, and then the light will turn off. After starting up fully, it either gets a flashing turquoise light, a solid yellow light or a solid turquoise light.

How do I activate my client’s Gateway?

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You don’t. The client activates their own Gateway.
When they log into the app and take control of the site using the owner code, they will be informed that there is a Gateway installed in their system. They will be able to activate it via the “Remote control” menu option.


Apple watch
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How do I install the app?

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The easiest way to install the app is to do it right on the watch.  Go to the watch’s Appstore and search for Plejd there. After installing it, you will need to log in to it with your Plejd account.

I installed the app through Appstore on my phone, how does it then get into the watch?

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It’s supposed to work automatically. However, if it does not appear in the watch, you will need to go to the watch’s Appstore.
  1. Scroll to the bottom and click on “account” and then “purchased”.
  2. Then click on the cloud symbol for “Plejd Watch”.


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