The Smart Wireless Lighting System

The Smart Wireless Lighting System

So much more than just another app controlled lighting system

Besides providing the end user with all the benefits of smart lighting such as scenarios, app control and scheduling. Our wireless technology also provides the installer with unique features such as wireless sync, saving costs and environment by reducing the need for expensive cable pulling.

Here at Plejd we also believe in a future with autonomous lighting control. Thus we equip all of our products with AI technology that learns and adapts to the user. A “self driving” lighting system being our end game, increasing comfort and saving our environment every step of the way.

Instant wireless lighting

All Plejd products are installed in the same manner as their non connected counterparts and thus require no central gateway or other equipment and still offer all of the functionality out of the box. Bluetooth technology enables hassle free connectivity and our intuitive App is great for controlling as well as configuring the system.

Mesh networking

All Plejd products automatically form an end-to-end secure, high performing and reliable mesh network. Adding more products to the mesh strengthens and expands the wireless coverage.

The more rooms the better

No need to commit to an entire system at once, all of our products provide great value on their own. However the fun really starts when you add more rooms.

Wireless Sync

Want to control your newly installed kitchen sink lights from the kitchen entrance?

Either pull a new cable across the entire kitchen or use the Plejd system and a few clicks in the app and your done.

An installers best friend

Gone are the days of using dip-switches, potentiometers and hubs with complex programming for configuring simple features. The Plejd app offers powerful yet intuitive configuration of the system and the Bluetooth technology ensures that the only thing you need is your Smartphone.


All of our products have a built in clock as well as an astronomical clock (e.g. sunrise or sunset) enabling you to schedule your lights in any way you want, and just as easily as setting the alarm on your Smartphone.


What would a smart lighting system be without scenarios. With Plejd you can create them in minutes and trigger them from the app, from any light switch around the home or scheduled by time or relative to the sun.


A universal dimmer for incandescent, halogen and dimmable LED lights, installed just like any other dimmers but without all the knobs and switches. Thanks to the built-in intelligence and connection to your Smartphone all your settings and a whole world of new possibilities becomes available.

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We developed this controller to enable smart control of 3rd party products through the simple but robust 1-10V interface. We also wanted to offer a product which could control normal wall sockets, so we also included a powerful relay in our design. The result is a product that does not just enable 3rd party devices to become smarter but also a product which can give new life to your existing wall sockets.

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The App

Install the Plejd app and forget about knobs and switches, all the settings are now easily and comfortably done through the app. Thanks to a simple and intuitive interface you don’t just get an easier installation but also flexibility and freedom to take advantage of some of the best features of any lighting system.

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