Plejd for your business

Create an enjoyable atmosphere where both employees and customers thrive. With Plejd, smart solutions have never been easier! Our intuitive app and wireless technology give maximum flexibility and cost-effectiveness. Install throughout the property or start small and expand as needed.

Everything in one app

In addition to easily controlling your Plejd products through the app, you can configure and change them as needed. Create and edit scenes, automate with time functions, and manage access for everyone in your company.

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Create scenes that suit you at all times and control them easily from your regular light switches or the app. Controlling your Plejd products with scenes increases efficiency and convenience.

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Time functions

Scheduling your Plejd products with time functions is an easy way to increase the efficiency of your business. Have fixed weekly light schedules that reflect the company’s opening hours or automatically start the lunch scene when serving begins.

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Wireless convenience

With our wireless technology, you no longer have to think about costly wiring. Plejd is perfect for new builds or renovation projects. Regardless of whether you start small or big, you can easily expand your system as needed. All devices interact and create a mesh for maximum range and stability.

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In safe hands

With traditional electrical installation at its core and over 50 000 installers providing feedback, you can feel confident with Plejd during planning, installation, and after service.

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Get started with Plejd

Plejd's products are installed by qualified electricians. Together with the installer, you create the solution that suits you best. If you have questions about Plejd or our products, please contact us for assistance.