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With the same simplicity as traditional lighting, but with many new possibilities, smart lighting from Plejd has become the number one choice for electricians. Plejd’s products are specially designed with the electrician in mind, with technology that simplifies and improves your installation.

Simplifies your work

With our simple yet powerful app, setup is made easy and convenient directly in the app - no more complicated dip switches, controls and settings. Where you previously needed different products for different purposes, Plejd gives you more opportunities in the same simple product.

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A scalable solution

A service job, an astronomical clock, problematic wiring or an entire installation with smart lighting? With Plejd you have a scalable solution at the core that easily fits all purposes. Our robust wireless mesh technology combined with our intuitive app provides the versatility and scalability that has made Plejd the obvious and safe choice for lighting control.

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Wireless convenience

With our wireless technology, you as the installer can easily solve all kinds of problematic wiring that you may encounter in your work. With just a few taps in the app, you can simply create wireless light switching, and with our wireless switches you can even place them anywhere you like. Easy for you and flexible for your customer.

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The customer’s champion

We believe that smart lighting should be for everyone and with Plejd it has never been easier. Your customer gets a range of additional features compared to traditional options and a future-proof installation that can easily be expanded as needed. Quite simply, more satisfied and returning customers.

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Outstanding support

With our knowledgeable support of experienced and trained electricians, you will always get the help you need, when you need it. We develop all our products in-house and have the necessary expertise close at hand to assist with optimal support in all different cases, from simple questions to technical support and advice.

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