Gateway enables remote control through an interconnection of the user’s Plejd mesh and the Internet. In this way, it is possible to control the Plejd system regardless of where the user is located. Gateway connects via a power adapter to a wall socket and via Ethernet to a local network. The product is easily installed in the app and becomes part of the existing mesh network. Gateway protects time functions in the event of power outages and enables integration with third-party systems, such as Google Home.

Control remotely

With a Gateway installed in your Plejd system, you can control your lighting remotely wherever you are. Use the app to switch off the light you forgot before you left home.

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Voice control

Gateway supports integration with third-party systems, such as Google Home. Easily control the lighting using your voice via smart speakers when your hands are full.

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Vacation mode

Let the vacation mode turn on, turn off or dim your lights automatically when you are away from home. Mimic the behavior of someone being home, relax and enjoy your vacation.

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Technical details

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