LED Driver 10W

LED Driver 10W has built-in dimmer function and is used for constant current loads (CC) and constant voltage loads (CV). The load output is isolated from the mains voltage (SELV). LED-10 has two separate inputs for control using push button or motion sensor. The product can be controlled wirelessly via the app or through other products from Plejd. It can also be controlled automatically with built-in time functions such as astro/time schedule.

Flexible installation

Our products are specially designed for maximum versatility during installation. The compact format fits equally well behind a light switch, in the distribution box or in a ceiling fitting. With a range of smart accessories and our wireless technology, new possibilities are created for a simple and flexible installation.
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Simple configuration

Complicated controls and settings are a thing of the past with our powerful yet simple app, where all settings are made with just a few clicks. With in-app configuration, features that previously required separate products can now be achieved with a single unit.

Astro/time schedule

Let the sunrise and sunset control façade lighting or switch lights on and off at specific times. All our products have built-in astro/time schedule which allow for easy scheduling.
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All our products communicate with each other through our robust wireless mesh technology. This means that you can start small and add more products if necessary. Perfect for renovation projects as well as for new builds.

Technical details

Load (CC) Effect
150 mA 1-4 W
350 mA 1-9 W
500 mA 1-10 W
700 mA 1-10 W
Load (CV) Effect
12 V (DC) 0-8 W
24 V (DC) 0-10 W
Use only for LED loads (DC).
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