LED Strip


LST-01 is a tunable and dimmable LED strip made for use with LED-75. It is cuttable in 50mm segments and rated up to IP66. The high density of LEDs on the strip provides a dotless appearance behind a diffuser, even with thin profiles. LST-01 can be installed with the provided double-sided tape in profiles that are at least 13mm wide.

Use with LED-75

Intended for use with Plejd’s tunable driver LED-75. With LED-75, the strip’s color temperature and dimming level can be controlled wirelessly using other products from Plejd. It also enables the use of functions such as astro/weekly schedule.

LED 75 Hero RGB 72PPI zoomed v2.0

Adjustable color temperature

Easily adjust the light according to design choice and occasion. With adjustable color temperature, you can change the appearance of the light between cool and warm to create different moods and styles. For example, choose warm light for relaxation and cold for a more productive environment. This function requires LED-75.

LST 01 Miljöbild RGB webb v1

Technical details

Light data
Luminous flux 960 lm/m
Tunable white 2,200–4,000 K
Dimming 0,1–100 %
RA 90
L70/B50 60,000 h
Technical data
Insulation class Class III (3)
Energy efficiency class F
Mains power 24 V DC (3-wire, common anode +)
Maximum power consumtion 9,6 W/m
Model name
LST-01-2M LED Strip 2 meter
LST-01-4M LED Strip 4 meter
LST-01-6M LED Strip 6 meter

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