Smart plug on/off

Smart plug on/off is placed in the electrical outlet to turn lighting and other equipment on and off. Control Smart plug wirelessly through other products from Plejd or directly with the app via Bluetooth®. It can also be controlled through integrations with third-party services, for which a Plejd Gateway is required.

The assortment may vary in different countries. Contact Plejd for more information.

Easy installation

Easily place the product in the outlet and turn lights and other equipment on and off. The design allows for the product to placed side by side with another.

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Astro/time schedule

Let the sunrise and sunset control the window lights or switch lights and other equipment on and off at specific times. The product has built-in astro/time schedule which allow for easy scheduling.

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Technical details

Model name Color
SPR-01 White
SPR-01-BL Black
Operating environment

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