Shutter controller

JAL-01 is a 230 V motor controller for window coverings, such as roller shutters and external venetian blinds. The product can be controlled wirelessly via the app or through other products from Plejd. JAL-01 gives direct feedback of the window coverings’ position and tilt angle through the app.

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Make your window coverings smart

JAL-01 makes your motorized window coverings smart, enabling wireless control through the app or other products from Plejd. With the app, you can easily adjust the window coverings’ position and get direct feedback on position and tilt angle. The app also provides several other smart functions, such as scheduling and scenes.

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Easy installation

With the device's compact design and our powerful app, we have made installation as simple as possible. JAL-01 fits well behind the shutter switch but is also easily installed close to the motor. The setup is made directly in the app and features a straightforward configuration of moving directions and automatic calibration to identify end stops. Our wireless mesh technology enables control of JAL-01 from any switch in the Plejd system.

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Simple automation

By automating your window coverings to open, close, or adjust to a certain position or tilt angle, you can manage the level of natural light and protect your privacy. Use the app to easily create scenes or schedules to adjust your window coverings at specific times or with the suns position. With our Gateway, you can also control your window coverings remotely and through third-party services.

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Technical details


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