Wall luminaire


OUT-01 is an outdoor wall light with built-in LED designed to illuminate, for instance, house facades. It can be set to shine up, down, or in both directions simultaneously. The product has built-in time functions such as astro schedule to turn on at sunset and off at sunrise automatically. It also maintains time functions, such as astro schedule, in the system after a power outage since battery backup is integrated in the product. Settings are easily configured in the Plejd app.

The assortment may vary in different countries. Contact Plejd for more information.

Adjustable color temperature

Easily adjust the light according to design choice and occasion. With adjustable color temperature, you can change the appearance of the light between cool and warm to create different moods and styles.

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Flexible installation

With our flexible lighting installation — where the control is integrated into the luminaire — grouping can be done wirelessly and no ignition wires or consideration of maximum power is needed. The luminaires can then be controlled wirelessly via the app or through other products from Plejd.

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Simple configuration

Complicated controls and settings are a thing of the past with our powerful yet simple app, where all settings are made with just a few clicks.

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Astro schedule with battery backup

All our products have built-in astro/time schedules, which enables easy scheduling. Let the lighting follow the rising and setting of the sun, or turn lights on and off at a specific time. OUT-01 has integrated battery backup, which means that time functions are retained in the event of a power outage in the Plejd system.

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All our products communicate with each other through our robust wireless mesh technology. This means that you can start small and add more products if necessary. Perfect for renovation projects as well as for new builds.

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Technical details

Light data
Luminous flux 2x300 lm
Tunable white 2,200–4,000 K
Beam angle 45°
Dimming 0,1–100 %
RA 90
L70/B50 60,000 h
Technical data
IP rating IP45
Protection class Class I
Energy efficiency class F
Mains power 230 V~ 50 Hz
Maximum power consumtion 8.3 W (2x4.15 W)
Model name
OUT-01-W Wall light White
OUT-01-G Wall light Grey
OUT-01-B Wall light Black

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