Wireless switch module

WIN-01 has two inputs and is used with any switch to control Plejd products wirelessly. Expected battery lifetime up to 15 years (1xCR2450 replaceable battery). WIN-01 has a thin design that easily fits in the appliance box behind push buttons or inside an extension frame.

The assortment may vary in different countries. Contact Plejd for more information.

Minimalistic design

WIN-01 is designed to fit most switch ranges on the market. The slim design fits as well behind the light switch as in an extension frame. WIN-01 is easy to install and seamlessly integrates with your existing Plejd system.

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Simple configuration

Complicated controls and settings are a thing of the past with our powerful yet simple app, where all settings are made with just a few clicks. Easily configure WIN-01 in the app to make any switch wireless.

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Technical details


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