Wireless motion sensor


Our wireless sensor is used to automatically turn on and/or off lights based on motion. It has a detection range of up to 7 m and a battery with up to 10 years calculated battery lifespan. Motion detection can be seamlessly combined with other controls in your Plejd system, such as push button, app, and scheduling. Settings are easily made in the Plejd app.

The assortment may vary in different countries. Contact Plejd for more information.

Effective settings

Use the motion sensor to automatically turn the lighting on and/or off in spaces such as the laundry room, garage or storage room. With the app, you can easily choose the light level and how long the lighting should be kept on or off after movement.

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Discrete mounting

Our wireless motion detector is easy to place in the corner of the room using screws or the included double sided tape. With a 90-degree field of view, it sees an entire room while its discreet design does not draw attention to itself.

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Simple configuration

With our powerful yet simple app, all settings are made with just a few clicks. The support for motion detection can be easily combined with other controls in the Plejd system.

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Technical details

Technical data
Sensor PIR (Passive Infrared)
Detection range Major motion: 7 m / Minor motion: 3.5 m
Detection angle 90°
Operation environment Indoor

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