Wireless rotary button

Wireless rotary button enables wireless control of one or more products from Plejd, configured via the Plejd app. WRT-01 is easily installed using double-sided tape, screws, or attached to a standard appliance box.

The assortment may vary in different countries. Contact Plejd for more information.

Flexible installation

Place the light switch exactly where you want it! Our wireless rotary button is easily placed in any location with double-sided tape or mounted in a frame together with a standard light switch.

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Multiple variants

Plejd’s wireless rotary button is available in several colors and variants to fit most standard frames on the market. For color options see technical details.

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Technical details

Model name Compatible with
WRT-01-SW White frame Exxact®1
WRT-01-EW White frame ELKO®2
WRT-01-EB Black frame ELKO®2
WRT-01-SA Anthracite frame Exxact®1
1The trademark is owned by Schneider Electric.
2The trademark is owned by ELKO AS.

Color options may differ between countries, please contact Plejd for more information.