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Suzanne Sandler(Chairman)

Handelsbanken FonderBorn: 1968

Sustainable societal development, Executive Master of Leadership. CEO Swedish Academy of Board Directors.

Halldora von Koenigsegg

Christian von KoenigseggBorn: 1976

International Market Economics, IIU Stockholm, New York. Successful company builder with international reach. Currently COO of Koenigsegg Automotive AB for many years.

Shareholding in Plejd

1 396 201 shares (controlled by related parties, partly through company-owned capital insurance policies)

Iman Habib

Pluspole GroupBorn: 1980

Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering from Chalmers University of Technology. Chief HR Officer at Plejd since 2018. Co-founder of engineering firm Pluspole AB that was bought by Plejd AB in 2018.

Shareholding in Plejd

800 460 shares (direct and through owner group)

Erik Calissendorff

Tansaki ABBorn: 1980

Master of Science degrees in IT and Entrepreneurship from Chalmers University of Technology. Worked as Chief Electronical Technical Officer onboard the world's biggest private superyachts such as M/Y Eclipse before founding and working with Plejd.

Shareholding in Plejd

370 823 shares (direct, related parties, and private company)

Marcus Neckmar

Andra AP-fondenBorn: 1981

Master of Business at Stockholms Universitet.
Portfolio Manager at Andra AP-fonden, employed at the fund since 2011.

Shareholding in Plejd

Represents 663 166 shares

Ylwa Karlgren(Co-opt)

Born: 1956

Master of Science in Business and Economics from Uppsala University. 30 years of experience in senior positions and international business environments in the financial industry, e.g., SEB and real estate and energy industry. Current board assignments include Chairman of the Board of Ferroamp AB, board member of Acrinova AB, and board member of Gullberg & Jansson AB.

Shareholding in Plejd


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